Ignition Inc: Culture Built to Last

Do you know what it feels like to truly trust the people you work for? Can you honestly say that no matter what the company’s goals are, “I know my CEO and my boss have my best interest in mind”? If your answers are yes, then you are one of […]

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Response Mine Interactive: Our Word Is Our Bond

When I ask executives and employees who have built or worked in great workplace environments, “What makes a workplace great?”, one of the most common answers is simply, “Trust”. I get a lot of long convoluted answers too, but the more I observe effective workplaces, the more I realize that […]

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EA Homes: Virtual Spaces, Real Design

Home – it’s the place with the deepest impact on each and every one of us. It has a power over us throughout our entire lives. For many the comforts of home are cherished and sought after. Others are not so fortunate, but home remains a driving force for them nonetheless. […]

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HI-Rez Studios: Community Inside and Out

Internal transparency is a key driver of successful company cultures, but for many it is a fine line, especially when certain information is bound by confidentiality. The issue of external transparency is even more precarious; there’s an entire industry built around walking that line…kudos to all you PR gurus!

So, why […]

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Vert: Scaling Culture

Who do you trust more than your family? Most would agree that few ties are stronger than family. The time spent with family growing up builds a level of transparency and trust that enables intuition about those people. You know how they operate, you can anticipate their needs, moods, and […]

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VeenendaalCave: Through the Portal

When you cross the threshold of “The Portal” into VeenendaalCave’s space, you get the sense that this is a place for high performers who take pride in everything they do. Their attention to detail and careful taste meets you at the door and remains throughout the space. The aesthetic is […]

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Son & Sons: Intentionally Organic

A company culture’s zenith is achieved when the culture contributes to a client experience or body of work in a positive way. When a client is absorbed by the culture and given an opportunity to collaborate within that environment, the finished product is a reflection of that unique mixture and […]

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GO! Experience Design: Limitless Possibilities

“Variety is too easy”, was GO!’s Founder and CEO Steve Shlansky’s response when asked if it was the key to designing their offices. “Limitless possibilities” and “Not bowing to convention” were more of what he had in mind.

Located in the Floataway Community on Zonolite Road in Atlanta’s lush, North Druid […]

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5 Ways to Unlock Creativity

Creativity is often caged by inhibition, but studies show that improvisation is a key to unlocking creativity. Creativity drives innovation, which drives progress and all great companies strive for progress, even in the smallest areas of performance. Progress comes in many forms, from minor adjustments to major breakthroughs, but its not always […]

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MODA: Design is Not Just Beautiful Things

Atlanta Culture Lab spent the day talking with the incredible Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA) staff about their organization’s culture, how other organizations/companies can use the design process, and their current exhibition, Design for Social Impact. The exhibition illustrates how the design process can be used to solve literally any […]

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